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Without a story in mind :

Usually the discourse around photographs revolves in two ways either the images appear to speak about some objective reality which means that they relate to a collective story about the world out there , or they appear to  speak about a subjective reality ,which means that they relate to some form of personal story . The common factor in these two approaches is the story , there must be a story behind the photographs ,"it's always about this or that" otherwise we feel that they are empty of content , we think that the content of something is it's story .But why is that ? and where is the story ? Do we see through a story ? Is there a kind of storifying lens in us ?

My feeling is that the reason why we function in this way is primarily because the storifying mode reflects the idea we have of ourselves ,we identify what we call "me"  with a story which has  " beginning - middle - end " and so everything we perceive from this "position" onward appears to be filtered by this idea .

But what is a photograph if it's not related to  any story ? What is anything without the stories which make up  it's "thingness" ? In other words if we leave the mind  aside for a moment what do we see ?Because we do see there is no doubt about that , non-conceptual perception is prior to conceptualization , we perceive before we conceive and yet after a certain age we appear to forget it and we begin  to  perceive what we conceive and because we seem not able to stop this habit of ceaseless conceptualization , our perception seems to be always a form of interpreting , not direct .The problem with interpreting rather than perceiving directly  is that we enter into subject-object relation , in other words we appear to separate ourselves from the totality in order to keep the story going on .

 I have to admit that these questions and observations arose from a sense of discomfort I've often  felt when i have to place my photographs in a conceptual context , because i don't care so much about any story in particular , nor do i have a love for concepts in general , no matter how powerful they may appear to be .


In my view the photographs don't come from a story nor do they contain stories ,the photographs are empty of concepts ,and in their essence they are pure energy .The mind on the other hand can be full or empty , depending on the state of consciousness of the perceiver .When the perceiver is the story-based entity we call a person , the perceiving tends to be  full of concepts , judgments and interpretations  while when the perceiving is direct meaning that it doesn't arise from a personal perspective , it is silent , empty , child-like .