Art is a spiritual experience, it's not about conveying messages or anything in particular, it's more like a comunion with the timeless core of existence, a revelation of the fundamental unity of form and formlessness, of what we are and what we appear to be.

To see is to lose oneself in the seeing.


The inner function of art is to reveal the timeless in us.


Creativity is not a doing, it is an alignment with the cosmic unfolding, in which there is no separate doer.


The person is real only when we forget that thought is unreal.


There are no things apart from thoughts, if you see things you are thinking.  


Images have no meaning in themselves, the mind projects meaning unto images, according to one's self-image.


Non-conceptual perception is the most natural, thinking is superimposed on top of it.


The photographer is a conceptual identity not an actual entity.


 The context is being, the content is everything.


The destiny of images is to come in and out of focus, not to exist.


The narrative model of understanding and structuring images reflects the idea we have of ourselves as some thing born in time, a time-body.

Looking for meaning in images is like looking for water in a mirage.


Beauty is the end of thought.